It’s not all doom and gloom: positive characteristics of Generation Y

Another blogger’s perspective of Generation Y.

changing my mind

Generation-Y - image courtesy of  MATT CHEUVRONTMedia coverage about Generation Y tends to be negative. Young people are made out to be feckless, workshy; their heads full of pipe dreams and their mouths full of double-negatives. This is not reflective of the young people I come into contact with.

Tamara Erickson’s article on the characteristics of Generation Y in a recent RSA quarterly magazine provides a more balanced view.

Erickson defines Gen Y as those born between 1980 – 1995; the eldest were the first digital natives, who grew up with computers, the youngest had moved out of their formative years by the time the financial crisis hit in 2008.

Generational characteristics are shaped by their members’ shared experiences. At a global level she argues terrorism and technology have heavily influenced their worldview. She writes:

“Rather than the institutionally driven, government-controlled hardship of war faced by previous generations, Ys have been subject to random, unpredictable…

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